Thursday, December 15, 2005

Poop Vomit puke yuck

I really wanted my next blog entry to be the secret of Deja Vu, but something has happened. From the title of my blog you might guess that I am talking about Michael Mc Donald. Now there are only about three songs that I have to dance of them being "Without Love" by the Doobie Brothers, but this Michael Mcdonald situation is out of control. This white haired motherfucker was really singing "deck the halls" on Jay Leno last night. If you missed the performance let me describe how you can have the same feeling of watching it. Close your eyes. Reach to your right hand side. Grab the first thing you get your hands on. If this is smaller than a bowling ball, put it back and grab something else. Now, shove this object straight up your ass sideways. After it is in your ass, attempt to puke it up and then eat it again. I swear this silly fool needs to be playing Santa in some shit town Pet store. It really was quite a traumatizing experience. I hope he has fun playing his songs for Satan in hell.

Deja Vu' is tomorrow.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Deja Vu

No I am not talking about the strip club! I am talking about the actual event. I just learned what causes this from my Anatomy and Physiology teacher. Here is the deal, I am willing to divluge this information if the following criteria are met:

1) You must tell me what your theory is without mentioning The Matrix.

2) For everyone that tells their theory, one of their friends must tell their own theory and mention your name.

3) Once this happens 7 successful times I will reveal the truth about this sexy topic.

4) You must care about this project, if your reading this you don't have anything better to do anyway....get to work!

5) I love you all....your my little bits of sunshine.

6) No...You do not already know what causes Deja Vu.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

three things I need to tell you

1) My friend Tim (Mindsquirt) had his baby. You should all go to his website to see pictures.

2) If everyone has a different meaning associated with a particular word, then ever sentence literally means something entirely different to everyone. For example "Mark went camping". When I read this sentence I have a composite of everyone named Mark I have ever known and a general idea about how I feel about camping. For someone who had a husband named Mark that beats her and used to get raped while camping at camp Piamingo this sentence would have to produce a negative reaction. My point is this, everything you read, no matter if it is a book such as the Davinci Code (That everyone and their mother has read) it is a unique experience unlike any other that anyone will ever have!

3) I have never known anyone named Shelly.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Trip to Texas

Ahhh, nothing like traveling to Texas for the Holidays. Down in good ole Texas I have a heap load of family. My Aunt Patty (curves) And uncle Bill (zzz) begat Tara (Texas Tara) and Jeff(Larry feathers). My aunt Karen (zoloft) and uncle Rex (Deer Guts) begat Chrissy (Nanny 911) and Kelly (kelly). The trip consisted of my Aunt Mary who is 81 and my Mom, who laughs like a wild turkey, and myself who has not begat anything that he knows of. We decided to do the drive down in two days. I really think this makes it easier because when you get there after doing the drive in one day you are out of commision for one day anyway. Throughout my brilliant telling of this trip I will reveal several "innapropriate mom moments". These are moments in which my mother says or does something that most would consider innapropriate. There is one coming up very shortley. The trip down was considered by me to be a "Hand to cheek" trip. A hand to cheek trip gets created by two factors...1) Staying in a hotel with your mom and 81 year old aunt and 2) Having Out of state gastro-intestinal problems. I had to resort to my hand being placed on my left ass cheek and pulling laterally so that my many outbursts did not make noise. Everyone reading this has done it.

It turns out that the hotel room my mom booked was not actually on the way, so by the time I got to the hotel we decided to stay in, we were all tired. My mom then says "Well, since we are only staying here for 4 hours the hotel clerk will probably think we are having a threesome." Wild turkey laughing insued. MOMENT #1 also was created. In the morning we ate breakfast at this horrible restaraunt that was too busy. At one point I answered the restaraunt phone because I was sick of hearing it ring. It was some guy that wanted room service. I told him good luck, he might want to try back in 20 minutes.

We arrived in Dallas at about 4:00 or so and spent the rest of the day hanging around my aunt Patty's house. They have a nice house with a pool table. My cousin Tara and Jeff showed up and we got to have a little bit of social time. Jeff let us all in on his newest business venture which I am POSITIVE will appear in a blog. Anyone here who knows me well, knows that I will make a special trip to Dallas just to bare ass face anyone who goes too long without blogging.

The rest of the trip was a lot of fun. I spent one morning at Larry feathers and another whole night with Tara and her husband Kevin. Kevin pretends he is a rocket scientist. It is hilarious. He goes and buys these pictures of airplanes and has people sign them like he had some part in their design. Anyway, we spent some time making sweet sweet music, I really think I grasped deeply what the song was about. It all hinged around some girl name Eliza that Kevin used to cheat on Tara with...Am I close? Anyway, it doesn't matter, my drum part will take most the attention away from the words. I rocked that song out!

The next night the entire family, begaters and begatees met in downtown Dallas. Trying to accomplish this was about like a color blind man doing a rubics cube with his ass. We eventually made it happen and had a really good meal downtown. After the meal, I was taken out by my cousin Chrissy and cousin Kelly. We went to Coyote Ugly and a dance club in Debellum. I was told that people get shot for no reason on a regular basis so an air of excitement was in the (I wanna say air, but I just used air, make up your own ending) You might try "wind". I drank about 5 beers and 324 drinks and danced with all sorts of black women. Actually just one but man could she move.

The next morning consisted of sleep in time and a trip to the all Mexican meat market. I feel like I got a glimpse of the future. My cousin Chrissy's husband is named Pete and has also been named a Mexican. He is fluent in their secret language and tells me about all their plots to come to our country and take all the jobs you and I would be doing. Joking aside, Pete is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Chrissy is real lucky to have met such a good guy. The rest of the day was spent back at my Aunt Patty's. We loaded the car with all our belogings and hit the road back home. I had a great time, Thanks to all the Aunts, Uncles and Cousins who made it so!

At one point early in the trip home I was getting ready to pass a semi. I had passed literally 100 of them on the way down and back up. I was about 50 feet away and my mom decided that we were about to smash into the back of the semi. She then screams and flails her arms in the direction of the wheel. "GET OVER BRAD". I then real calmly (because I am used to innapropriate actions such as these) look her dead in the eyes with contempt while we happily pass the semi without inncident. This is MOMENT #2. I am actually proud of my mom only having two moments. There might of been more because I wasn't around that much.

All in all it was a great trip. Thanksgiving dinner was great!

P.S. - My pops started a blog, if you all want to check it out... feel free. Link to the right.

You are all as unique as half a snowflake! Love and kisses.

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