Saturday, May 31, 2008

Net in the room

So I purchased a $40.00 combo package that includes a wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse and some pretty dope Logitech speakers. Add in a $15 VGA cable running from my PC to my flat screen and I have the wave of the future right here in my bedroom. Add in the fact that I can go to "" and "", my room then becomes a cinema and on demand cable extravaganza paradise!

Color me A) Stoked as hell for setting this up and B) Stupid for not doing it sooner.

I recommend it to all who frequent these fine pages of happiness.

Hopefully this means I will blog much more often. I don't really say that in the sense of it being good for you all but more so it being good for me. It is really nice to have a diary of happenings that now dates back almost 3 years.

Type to you all soon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Price is Right for stimulatin'

Welcome to the 2008 Economic Stimulus version of the Price is Right!

I challenge anyone to stimulate the economy as efficiently as I will!

I am going to stimulate the economy by purchasing the following things. One column has the price of an item and the next column has the items I will purchase. They are of course, not matched up correctly. Be the first to match up the price with the item and win nothing except braggin rights.

1) $170.00 A) Insurance Payment
2) $150.00 B) X box live points card
3) $25.00 C) Blue Tooth
4) $75.00 D) Book Shelf from Big Lots
5) $70.00 E) Rock Band
6) $50.00 F) 2001 broke down car from friend
7) $60.00 G) Left over pocket change

Answer will be given soon. I look forward to nobody trying to guess.

If you do not want to play just tell me what you are going to buy, if you are even in a poor tax bracket such as myself, to get a stimulus check.

You all are very lucky that I did not describe each product as Rod Rodey would. How is his name spelled anyway?
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