Friday, August 25, 2006


I have recently got in trouble for surfing the World wide wizeb at work. So I am typing this entire thing without looking at the actual screen. I have it shrunk down really small so nobody can see it. It must look like I am simply practicing my typing to become a super employee!!

The reason for this post is this:

When i was a kid, something really strange would always happen to me. Most of the time it would happen as I was watching TV, but it sometimes happened when I was doing other things. I would be sitting on the couch and all of the sudden it would seem like the TV was real far away from me. There was a distinct feeling that came with this. It was almost as if everything was going in slow motion. I would start to say things out loud and they would sound really strange. It was like I was really far away from everything physical. This is kind of a hard thing to explain, I was just wondering if anyone has ever experienced anything similar to this. I apologize for any grammar mistakes in this but I can't see what the fuck I am typing! I will blog another blog soon.

Man, this was a good typing [practice session! My fingers feel so fluid and I am stroking keys with intensity!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Plane Ticket

I have a free flight to anywhere that southwest goes. I have been to Texas and Florida a bunch o times. I am trying to think of somewhere new to go. Anyone have any ideas?? I wonder if they fly to New York? Maybe I will have a bad experience and get another free flight out of the deal.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New Blog

I figure it is about damn time I gave you all something new to read. So here it is.

First things first, I had a pretty good weekend. I stayed at this Bed and Breakfast in Indiana called Ben and Stephs house. The weekend was full of ice cream, fire trucks, humidity and beer. It was good times. I bet Ben will get off his ass today and blog a blog about the block party on Saturday in which I dressed up like a fireman. A couple women mistook me as a stripper but I settled them down real quick. Anyway, good times, I appreciate you all letting me stay there Ben and Steph. And shout outs to Stacie, Alex and Arthur for making the weekend that much more special.

Second things second , I gotta quit smoking. Jesus Christ. No more needs to be said. I quit for six months last year and I felt great. Then I got drunk in Dallas and that was all she wrote. I am going to quit soon. As soon as I finish those five cartons!

Third thing third, we have our softball tournament on Wednesday. If everything goes as plan we will come in dead last. Wish me luck.

Everyone have a kick ass day and rest of the week.
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