Saturday, October 15, 2005


It has happened to everyone. Those moments when you start wondering why we are here and you concentrate so hard that you almost flip out. Those moments when we think about our existence (in the grandest sense of the word) and almost begin to cry we become so frightened. Some people become obsessed with this. I know I have been at times. I have read almost any book I could get my hands on that I thought would provide some insight into why we are here. Some people devote their entire life to this search, such as monks and saints. Some people it only dawns on every now and again and some people flat do not care. I am speaking here of the hopelessness of not knowing. The panic feeling that overcomes you when you concentrate on this subject too deeply. It is ok. And here is why....

I went to see laser Pink Floyd at the University of Louisville Friday night. Floyd happenes to be my favorite band of all time so it had a profound impact on me. This wasn't just some cheesy light show. It was done with a sense of what the group was trying to accomplish with their album. Somewhere in the middle of the light show I had the intense feeling of well being. I knew that there is something going on in this life bigger than we can fathom and that my search for the truth is not in vain. The thing is, I know that I would not have appreciated this feeling without the many times I have felt hopelessness as described above. It truly takes experiencing the opposite of something to fully appreciate it.

I also believe that it is human nature to take things for granted. At one point in my life I could not walk for three months but rarely do I think about how much I appreciate walking. I think that people adapt to their current conditions. This is why the revelation of "Everything has a purpose" cannot be held for more than a second. It must be let go or it is not fully appreciated. Likewise, the opposite (hopelessness) must still be experienced to allow us to fully appreciate meaningfullness. Not only must it be experienced, but it must be experienced without the idea of everything being ok in the picture at all.

However, if you simply hold onto these moments when you know everything is ok, Such as, the eyes of your soul mate, the sunset, your child, or the laser pink floyd show maybe the feeling of hopelessness will fade more quickly next time. We are here for some purpose and if you think we are not, thank you for representing the opposite, so I don't have too.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


At what age should we teach children about sex? I am just curious to see what peoples thoughts are on this. Also, once you have stated your opinion, described how it was A) viewed in your household and B) how you learned about it.

My Answer: I do not think kids should ever be hidden or sheltered from sex. The ideas that it is disgusting or wrong are plain wrong themselves. I think if we did away with hiding sex, being ashamed of having sex and talking about sex, sexual crimes would decrease. There would be less rape, less sexually transmitted disease and such. Children should not be taught bogus names for their body parts. Nobody calls a kids arms their wiggle sticks or doodle dads. If you teach a kid early what all the parts are, how they work, why they work and that it is ok and better yet fun, you will have a more sexually secure adult.

Sex was never really talked about in my household. I am sure I received the typical talk after I had learned everything from magazines and HBO.

Basically I am just shooting here for an answer to the original question of what age you feel kids should learn about sex. Everyone who comments here is intelligent and I am curious what you will be doing with your children.
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