Sunday, February 26, 2006

John Titor

A few months ago I was listening to Coast to Coast on NPR. They were talking about a man named John Titor who was posting on a lot of forums in the year 2000. What made him exciting was that he claimed to be a time traveler from the year 2036. I have read up on him and I must admit the stuff is pretty interesting. He talks a lot of scientific stuff about time travel and his time machine. If you have some time to kill you should check it out. Something to do if nothing else. I was curious if those of you who read this blog who are more scientifically and spellingtifically than myself, could tell me if the stuff he says makes any sense. Happy reading. Here is the link to the best forum I found.;f=9;t=000226

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


The next person to frequent my Blog will be the 2100th visitor! Ask yourself what this says about you. I sure as hell wouldn't want you teaching my fucking kids.

Friday, February 17, 2006

I just got sick of seeing the ode to my friends everytime I looked at my blog. So I am posting this as a way to not feel like a girl everytime I log onto it. I might include a few motherfuckers just to get some manhood back. I have been putting off continuing the unexplained list because the next topic is GOD. Not sure best to explain this one so I might just skip it. So what to talk about? No ideas, so...I will try and think of a funny story real quick.

Not a funny story, just a rant...

This Cheney thing. I am neither Democrat or Republican but I would say I am more liberal than conservative. But, the democrats display regarding this whole Cheney shooting accident is making me fucking sick. IF I was Vice President and I just accidently shot my best friend in the face, I would call a press conference, and say "I just shot my best friend, I don't have to explain shit to any of you." I seriously heard the quote "Cheneys shoot first and ask questions second is symbolical of our approach in Iraq." Give me a break. At what point does this not get embarrassing for Democrats. One of the White house press women asked if shooting his friend has made him think harder of what the soldiers deal with in Iraq. Is this seriously the type of shit our country has come to. That this story can remain the top story in the news for even a day. I think we should all just quit watching any local or National News. I am anyway. The only downfall is that when it storms I might not remember to not immediately go out and grab downed powerlines. I think it is NPR and BBC for me from now on. And you might see my fat hairy ass streaking across the set of NBC Nightly News.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ode to my Friends

I just wanted to take a break from the Unexplained and drop a little ode to my friends. I know I don't stay in contact with everyone like I should but you all mean a lot to me. Cousins are absolutely included in this group. My group of friends and family are the brightest, common sense packing, good-hearted mess of people I have ever come across. I am not saying this in jest. I think that if we could all get a room somewhere and talk for a while we could save the world. I believe that one of the strongest bonds between two people is a sense of humor. It amazes me how intelligent you all are without taking yourself too seriously. If I was asked to select the smartest group of people I would pick you all. If I was then asked to pick the funniest group of people it would be the same group. I think this says a lot. Thank you all for making me laugh and challenging me. Dad and Mom you are most certainly included in this group but I would need a blog so long that nobody would read it to say what you two mean to me. I love you all.


Thursday, February 02, 2006


Lets take these things one at a time shall we. First of all I must say that I usually believe in anything. Chubakabra, Abdomnimdabohl Snowmen, and things of the sort. But none the less I will try and state my reasons so you can disagree with them.

1) If you think it is odd that this thing has never been found I also consider it odd that no remains of any kind of "missing link" have been found.

2) If you think it is odd because this animal is supposed to be so big that it has not been found I point to the story of the 15 ft tall bear recently killed in Alaska. If you do a quick search you might be able to find this story. Bears were not believed to ever grow as large as this one. But this bear lived many years undetected in the wild. Until it ate 2 hikers and almost ate a park ranger.

3) My third reason for believeing in bigfoot is simple, I don't think that the vast majority of individuals who devote their a significant portion of their time searching are quacks. I have seen interviews with a lot of credible people who claim to have seen/heard or have seen evidence of bigfoot that they can not explain. I have seen a lot more credible people come forward for bigfoot than say "Creationism" which we can agree is not reality. Anyway, my time to type this is short so feel free to let the bigfoot/Brad bashing commence.
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