Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas

Hello to all my little baby angels.

I had an excellent Christmas. I fiured that those of you who have not purchased gifts for me yet would need a list of what to send. Here ya go.

I received an X-box 360 and now need the following components.

- Wireless Reciever.
- Call of Duty 4
- Rock Band w/ instruments
- Extra Controllers

Please be sure to ship priority.

In the interest of keeping this blog from dying again, I will attempt to write on here twice a month even though it may not be interesting.

New Years Resolutions.

1) Quit smoking. I have purchased the patches and am determined to quit. I was going to quit a couple of weeks ago but now I figure I will just wait until New Years. Wish me the luck.

2) Lose weight. I am tempted to post a shirtless picture on here to hold myself to this resolution. My fear is that this picture may crash the Blogger server from so many hits from the ladies. Ohhhh Yeeeah.

I never usually make resolutions but this year shall be different. You all should make some resolutions as well. I dare ya.

I think I need to share with you all a new game I have been playing while bored at work. You can find it
here. It is kind of like tetris but with a twist. It is hard. I have no idea how people get the scores they are getting. I have yet to break 200,000.

Everyone have a good new year. Look Ma no cussing.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am scared as shit.

Hello all. I have just realized that I am able to blog blogs from work again! I was able to acess my blog due to a Proxy that Bean set up, but I was unable to execute anything. I could not watch videos, submit things, etc...

Is anyone even still coming to this site? If you are, thanks for the continued support. I have been taking classes on how to be funny so you are in for some real treats. So, on to why I am scared as shit...

The Cuban missle crisis was a direct threat to the United States. That is the only reason I say it was a scarier time than what we are going through right now. There are no real direct threats to us but the perfect storm is brewing. (If you have seen "Windy City Heat" please picture Perry stirring the pot). I only watch/listen to the news periodically, but the amount of different shit I have heard has me scared as shit. Hence the title - Scared as shit.

1) Oil producing countries such as Dubai have enough money to seriously fuck us up. Right now Dubai has $800 billion in cash to invest however it chooses. One thing it could do is buy up a lot of US treasury notes and then sell them all in one day. The FED would then be forced to raise Interest rates to prevent the collapse of the dollar. We already know that the FED is lowering the interest rates as I am typing this. Would Dubai ever do this? No. They are to interdependant on the US to do this. They want our economy to do well. If they could effect us in such a huge way, imagine the little effects they could have with this money.

2) China + Russia + Iran = A three headed shit scary monster.

China has enough people that if they decided to eat all the Americans they could only survive for 35 minutes. Artificially keeping their currency low. From what I gather this makes Chinese goods cheaper to import. American goods more expensive to export. Guess what this does to our jobs? Since toy companies only look at the bottom line all of the jobs go to the communists. Maybe once the lead paint lawsuits start hitting the companies will reconsider how moving jobs to China will effect their bottom line. Either way China is becomming a big scary super power who is only kind of an ally and may eat us all. Scary shit.

Russia - Putin has basically announced the following - "I will rule Russia for the rest of my life and fuck America." "I will sell stuff to iran that allows them to further their Nuclear weapons program." (make no mistake, as much as Bush sucks...Iran is after weapons).

Iran - Do I even need to say anything about this? Scary shit.

Venezuala - Scary shit. Although there is a strong grass roots movement going on by students to keep Hugo Chavez from being in power forever.

Everyone hates us. We are going to run out of our own oil. The countries we have to buy oil from want to suicide bomb us. Our dollar is the lowest it has ever been (I made that stat up). Our president is a dingbat. The White House press secretary doesnt even know what the Cuban missle crisis was!!! Google that shit. I am not too impressed with any of the canidates. Putin is starting the cold war. Chavez is going to cut us off from oil. Dubai is rich. Doom and Gloom I know but there is some really really scary shit going on.

I'll just keep playing my video games.
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