Thursday, June 24, 2010

20 LBS

I have officially reached the first goal in my weight loss plan. 20 lbs!

I stepped on the scale about three months ago and I was flabbergasted . I weighed 268 pounds. The heaviest I have ever been in my life. When your personal stats are higher than professional football players and you look nothing like a preofesional football player, it is time to start doing something about your weight. Also, by football I mean the real American sport...Not the European kickball tournament that is going on in South Africa.

Once I finished puking in disgust, I made a plan to lose weight. I have titanium plates and screws in my feet and I also have a disk that tends to go out, so I devised my plan with this in mind. I decided that I would get down to 240lbs and then start working out so I did not hurt myself. I am currently at 248lbs!!

Here is how I did it! Stopped eating fast food and stopped drinking cokes. That is it! Along with some other minor eating adjustments. For example, my old breakfast used to be a poptart and a gatorade. My current breakfast is Strawberry and cream oatmeal made with milk and a crystal light flavor packeted water. My lunch used to be - Wendy's, Mc Donalds, Arbys, Subway and occasionally Back Yard Burger. Mu current lunch is usually a Turkey sandwich and a bag of chips. I do not forbid myself from ever eating anything unhealthy. I eat the new Reeses snacksize Mcflurries and I eat Flavor ice popsicles by the gross. But I was eating all of those snacks on top of my bad eating habits.

My advice to anyone is to just stop eating fast food and drinking cokes and watch the weight melt away. Of course this is just a variation of taking in less calories than you burn which is the only way to effectively lose weight.

Have a good one.
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