Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Revised Movie List

If your movie didn't make it I either didn't see it or you have bad taste. If you all can think of any others, please add them. I would like to have a long long list.

A Beaufitful Mind
Almost Famous
American beauty
Austin Powers
Being John Malkovich
Big Fish
Boondock Saints
Brother Where Art Thou
Die Hard
Donnie Darko
Dr. Strangelove
Driving Miss Daisy
Ernest goes to Camp
Ernest goes to Jail
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Fight Club
Forrest Gump
Gangs of New York
Garden State
High Fidelity
It’s a Wonderful Life
Kill Bill I and II
Lord of the Rings
Office Space
One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Pink Floyd (Live in Pompei)
Pulp Fiction
Punch Drunk Love
Resevoir Dogs
Sling Blade
So I Married an Axe Murderer
Stop Making Sense (Talking Heads)
The Big Lebowski
The Fifth Element
The Game
The Godfather
The Jerk
The Princess Bride
The Shawshank Redemption
The Shining
The Usual Suspects
There’s Something about Mary
Wedding Crashers
Windy City Heat

Monday, May 22, 2006

Movies I like

Here is alist of movies that I think are the shiznit. I might miss some but I will give it a try.

Almost Famous
Garden State
American Beauty
Punch Drunk love
Wedding Crashers
Driving Miss Daisy
Matrix of course
Stop Making Sense (Talking Heads)
Pink Foyd (Live in Pompei)
Ernest goes to Camp
Windy City Heat

I am looking for some more good ones. If any has any ideas, let me know.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

3000 visitors

We are quickly approaching the 3000th visitor to Wisdom. I was reading my older posts and decided that my blog has really gone down hill. My older posts were a lot funnier and a little less mean. Post 3000 we are going to try and rectifyt his situation. I will take a little more time with my blogs. In order to bring some excitement, I am going to give a picture of myself to the 3000th visitor. The picture will be 2 x 3 feet and come with a button you push that makes me say a "hip" saying. Something like " is the bloggiest!". I know some of you have never seen me so I am including the picture below in case you decide you would not like to win such a contest. Best of luck to all of you.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Derby Day...Part 3

...Or as it is better known, the race that leaves your three kids homeless.

DISCLAIMER [ This is a three part blog, the first part begins HERE, It would serve you well to read it in order ]

The Derby race was an exciting one for us all. Between the four of us I believe we were set to win money as long as any of the horses, except the favorite, crossed the finish line. Of course, this did not happen, the favorite won the Derby. Which makes complete sense being that a 50-1 shot won the derby last year (wait a minute, I mean that doesn't make sense and fuck you.) We lost our asses. We did see some redneck piece of shit hit an $11,000 trifecta. We made this out between him yelling "Woo-Hoo's" and "Honey, I'm coming home". I also overheard him at one point in his celebration telling some guy he could "get him into the union!"

After the race we found our self intermingled with a crowed that was "Mardi Gras esque" at best and "The recent French riots" at worst. Everone was at least 16 and drunk out of their mind.

Thanks to the expert parking skills of fooie we were out of the parking lot in no time.

We made back to the House and were ready to PARTY!! How do we get down in Louisville after the Derby. 7 words! "Gangs of New York and White Castle"! Yeah, we spent the next two hours watching this movie and trying our best to talk using their dialect. At one point I believe I refered to Tim snikering someones doodle.

After this ordeal we all retired to our places of rest. We had fantastic dreams of money and power. The next day, Fooie and Pinger decided it would a good idea to try our luck at the boat. I was broke so I did not participate. But, I watched these two more than win back all of their money, they lost at the derby, in a feat so great it seemed like some sort of David Blaine magic show. Blackjack was the game, and kicking ass was their name (I mean reverse name and game and replace Blackjack with Craps, yeah thats it).

All said and done we had an exciting time. Mad props to my boy Moltar and his friends Ryan and Jessica for making the day even more exciting than Christmas.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Why is it that nowadays I only enjoying watching the stuff on TV that I hated watching in school. A prime example of this is NOVA or PBS in general. Last night I watched an entire episode on "heavy water". If I would have been made to watch this in school I would have been asleep in 5 minutes flat. Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because everytime I hear about proposals to cut the budget I always hear some Republican schmuck suggesting to cut funding for PBS. This upsets me. If this ever happens it would be enough for me to revolt. The PBS militia. We would wear Charlie Rose masks and have megaphones that blare Tavis Smiley sayings. If you don't know who these people are then you are watching too much bullshit on TV.

Also, Comming soon. A Derby recap. This will be in three parts. The first part will be found on Pingers blog, the second on "Mindquirt" and the third on mine. We are all simply waiting for fooie to get his shit together. Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday.

Monday, May 01, 2006


Being that it is Monday, I figured I would give you all something new to read. I for one hate coming back to work on Monday...It is nice to visit the blogs and kill a little time with new stuff.

Yesterday, me, fooie and his wife and baby drove up to Indianapolis for some house hunting and fellowshipin'. On the way home I was falling asleep and drooling all over myself until we started telling true ghost stories. Fooie's wife had a pretty good one that happened to a friend of hers and maybe she could get her friend to tell the story on my comments. I just thought I would share a weird story that happened to me.

I have never seen a ghost. I have never been possesed, left my body, slept in a graveyard or anything of the sort. I have however rocked it out on the Quija board a time or two in my life. Now, the test I always used to tell if someone else was moving the damn thing was..I would think of a number, I wouldn't say it aloud. I knew I wasnt moving the thing and the other person didn't know the number, so if it was selected....BOO Bitches. Anyway on to the story...

A girl I used to know and myself would get together every now and then and play with the Quija board. We seemed to have pretty good results when it was the two of us. I was confident that neither one of us was moving the thing. When we would just be talking amongst ourselves and still have our hands on the plastic piece, it would spell my name over and over again. B-R-A-D...B-R-A-D. It was kind of freaky at first, but I got used to it. Anyway, long story long..We eventually became to freaked out to mess with the Quija board and decided we would stop. About a month went by and I received a call from said girl at about 2:00 AM. Here is what she said. Feel free to read this part aloud to yourself in the voice of that crazy old midget lady from poltergeist:

"I just got home from a bar. Sorry to wake you up but I thought you would want to know about this. While I was gone my 13 year old brother and all his little friends went in my room and started playing with my Quija board. (Important to note that I have never met this girls family nor had I ever been to her parents house). As soon as I walked in my brother and his friends looked at me and said "Who's Brad? The Quija board keeps spelling his name over and over again."

I threw my Quija board away that day and then later bought another one. Anyone else have any ghost stories?
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