Thursday, December 21, 2006

Jury Duty 3

I am sorry that I haven't been able to update as often as I would like to. This Websense thing at work has really put an end to all blogging. As promised, here is an in depth look at our justice system. I really can't muster the enthusiasm to write an extremely long blog, but I will do my best.

Letter in the mail

The way Jury duty works in Indiana is a pain in the ass. If selected for possible jury duty, you are "on call" all year round. You receive a letter on Friday explaining that you might have to appear in court the following Monday. It instructs you to call the court house "throughout the weekend" to see if you are to appear. I received about six of these letters throughout the year. I actually called the number at least 4 of those times. The last time I called....I had to go.

Jury Selection

There were about 75 people in the court room. After about an hour of waiting the judge came out and laid down the ground rules. We then watched a very informative video about the benefits of being on a jury. Funny the video didn't mention that if someone pooped in the jury room bathroom, all the other jurors were forced to sit there and smell it. Leaving the room was not an option. Holding your poop was an option. I held my poop. But I sidetrack....

They call 6 numbers at random and you have to go sit in the jury seats while the lawyers ask you questions. The lawyers then read off a list of everyone involved with the case to give us a chance to say if we know any of them. Since this was in Indiana, 50% of the room knew someone involved with the case. Also, since we were in Indiana...the dumbass potential jurors didn't seem to realize that the question was only intended for the six people being questioned. So everyone starts blurting out..."I know trooper Banet...", " I know Dr. Savorki"... etc..

You know what...I really don't feel like finishing this blog. I am not in the mood to make it funny so it would be a waist of your time anyway. I will just say that some dumbass on a motorcycle (riding without a helmet or a license) ran into a car pulling out of an ice cream shop. The Motorcycle rider was suing the ice cream shop because he claimed that the car driver could not see to pull out. Bottom line....he didn't get any money and he wasted my time. I am starting to think that "loser pays" is a pretty good idea. This means that whoever loses a case is responsible for all court costs involved. These law suits are getting out of hand.

I hop everyone has a good Christmas. I will produce some better content in the near future.

Peace. Love. And fuck PETA. Seriously, PETA is a wacko organization.

Friday, December 15, 2006


My work has decided to lay the "websense" smackdown. This means I cannot go to any site that is not approved by work. This includes my blog. Little do they know how vital visiting blogs is to my work. A few months with no recreational web browsing might cause me to FREAK OUT on people at work. At any rate...Until my computer savy cousin figures out a way for me to hack through this nonsense, bloggin at work will cease. I will still try and update as often as I can but I apologize in advance for not commenting enough on your guyszes blogss. Peace love hope and hapiness to all.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jury Duty 2

Jury duty ended last night. I must write a very long blog to sum up the experience of delivering justice. Yesterday was a 12 hour jury day. Now I am back at work. To them, I have been off on vacation for a week. To me, I have been in hell for a week. Now I have to catch up on my work while I feel I should actually be on a lavish vacation. This sucks.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jury Duty

I am on Jury duty....I assure all that hilarity will be ensuing next week. I might of mispelled hilarity and ensued and possibly "week".
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