Friday, February 05, 2010


Since it is the beginning of the end, I thought I would maybe try to start blogging about LOST. First of all, why do us fans go nuts over LOST? I constantly find it amusing that people are quick to call avid LOST watchers nerds, TV junkies and nerds. These same people will go home at night and watch American Idol, CSI or Ugly Betty. Somewhere along the line we started believing that TV could not produce great Art. This was a right reserved for the movies and the stage. I believe that LOST has disproved this theory. What people do not understand is that LOST is not about a bunch of people trying to escape an island. LOST is about science vs. religion, good vs. evil, and most important, free will vs. destiny. At least I spend my time watching something that raises questions that have stoked the mental fires of our greatest philosophers since the beginning of time. I am indeed a nerd, but it has nothing to do with my fascination with this show. On to the premiere….

Season 6 – Episode – 1 – LA X

First of all, the title of this episode was very nice. We knew that supposedly two things were going to happen from Juliet smashing the bomb. 1) Everything would go according to plan and the plane would land at LAX without crashing on the island. LA X 2) It would not work and the Losties would still be trapped on the island. LA Xed. Knowing Lost, I could not bring myself to commit to any one of these two ideas. I had no clue what was going to happen. But, I also could have never have predicted what did in fact happen. BOTH!

The premiere begins with Jack on oceanic flight 815 just before the crash. Other people appear to be with him. Sun and Jin, Hurley, Lock, Boone, Kate, Rose, Bernard and Sayid. The plane goes through a bit of turbulence and then everything is normal. The Camera travels down to the ocean floor and we see that the island is under water. We see the four toed statue and “New Otherton” appear to have been built. The plane lands safely at LAX. A few of the Losties seem to cross paths in this “Flash sideways” alternate timeline. Sayid and Jack save Charlie from chocking on a package of Heroin. Sawyer is told by Hurley that he is in fact the luckiest man alive. Kate escapes from her Marshall and gets in a cab with Claire. It appears that the Losties paths were bound to cross without the crash of 815.

I must say that I was not very happy with this decision of the writers to create this alternate timeline. If you are able to create an alternate timeline, then it becomes impossible to piece anything together because everything becomes an option. However, just like I could not predict that the series opener would have both outcomes, I feel certain that I cannot predict how marvelously they will tie this in with the regular island Losties. Having two completely different shows going on may have been possible in a two hour premiere. But, How will it impact the one hour shows that remain for the rest of the season? I think it would have been hard to bring our regular story to a satisfactory close in 16 one hour episodes. Let alone begin an entirely new story that will eat into this time as well. I must believe that the two will be connected in some way. And, I even think I may have a theory on how this will happen. Being that this is the last season, I think I should post a theory soon. Until then….Namaste.
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