Friday, August 19, 2005

Onion Like Guest Editorial

FBI: don’t hate the playa, hate the game
What-up bitches? Anas Al-Liby back wit’ ya to drop mo’ flava. You know I got some shit this time. I bet you was thinkin’ that I merked out and was a straight bitch just becuz those American sons of whores got my ass on the FBI’s most wanted list. Fuck that, I ain’t going into hiding even if they is knockin on my doe with their helmets and dogs and shit. I’ll smoke they ass if they fuck with me.

I don’t even know why they trippin’. They hatin’ because of them bombz I dropped on the Dar es Salaam Embassy back in the day, in 1998, and shit. They some playa hatas. I tell them like I tell that two-bit chump Imad that couldn’t even pull off a plane-jackin’. I tell that punk Imad, “don’t hate the playa, hate the game.” He mad jealous cuz I killed more American snakes and Allah surely favors me mo’ then his bitch-ass.

His game is all fucked. His bitches be showing they faces in public and shit. Last week, one of his bitches wasn’t wearing a berka, so I formed a mob and we stoned her to death. Now that’s gangsta. They be making him look like a little bitch. Everyone in the damn hood talks about stoning all of his hoes, raping his daughters, and taking his livestock.

I need to get the fuck up off that list tho’ fo-real. It is fucking with my street rep like a mo’. Last week, I went down to the sto’ and when I came around this foo, he was acting like I had a bomb strapped to my fo’head or somethin’! His eyes got all big and shit when he saw me, and he closed his little flap on his rickety-ass tent right in front of me. I was like, “What the fuck wrong wit chu?” Actually, I did have a bomb strapped to me, but it was tucked up under my throwback Supersonics jersey. You know I always stay strapped muthafuckas.

Check it though, I gots to get back to planning my next attack on the American infidels so I can slap the asses of some of them 70 virgins when I get to paradise. Werd. You know Anas is down with some virgin-love. Awww yeah….

Peace ya’ll and one-love to all my bitches. 187 to all of you FBI playa hatas who can’t respek a true playa.


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