Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sorry/Girl Bashing/Crazy War House

I am sorry that I don't get to write more entries here for all six of my loyal readers. I can only really do this quickly at work and I don't feel I can capture my full genius writing so quickly. Believe me, I am a genius. Seriously. A GENIUS.

Every time I sneak off to update this thing, several women at the office look at me like I am not doing my job. They then huddle in little groups and talk about how I am not doing my job. They then call all of there women friends and tell them about how some asshole at work is making more work for everyone by not doing their job. I could write a whole entry about how I not only do my job geniusly, but also do more work than the whole school (I only use school here because nobody around me knows what you call a pack of whales) of them combined. I hate drama. For all of you all out there that create needless drama by worrying about what everyone else is doing, I wish you would by a one way ticket to Sudan and help out. Then come back and see if your worrying about my shit so much.

I started this entry to talk briefly about the crazy house across from my house. I will go more in depth later. This is one of those houses where people live who need assitance. This is not about having a physical handicap and is not about being completely incompetent. This is about being a "little off". These guys can walk around the neighborhood and whatnot. As far As I can tell they have all been in a war. I know this because several times when it is 105 degrees outside they will appear in full battle wear. I also say this because I have met a couple and they have told me. The last guy I met was in Korea. We had a ten minute normal conversation before he told me that the reason he lived in this house now was because of the rocket that blew by his house every night. I intedend this only as an introduction. I will write a longer entry about this house on a future date. On this day be prepared to be introduced to The Crazy Indian, Earmuffs and Lincoln Log. Have a safe weekend. Sorry for the mispellings and grammar but these damn girls are rushing me.


Blogger tschy said...

I beleive that I am officially reader #7.

10:22 PM  
Blogger JCTMH said...

I was there from the begining

8:38 AM  
Blogger Bean said...

school of whales made me ell oh ell.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yer spelling suks.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These girls sound an awful lot like the whores that work where I work too. This one whorebag has a rock the size of NYC on her left hand (the guy she's engaged to lives about two thousand miles away). Anyway- everytime this sperm-guzzler goes out with people from the office she gets drunk and fools around with just about every guy she sees. This one time somebody else at work told her about women who take their tops off at this popular yearly festival our town has, and she replied "That's DISGUSTING" I guess it's okay to let some other guy stick his cock in your mouth while yer boyfriend is away but ENTIRELY UNACCEPTABLE to show yer rosebuds in public. Jeez. This little crazy fuck actually had the nads to lecture me when I said a girl other than my girlfriend was "cute" (!!????!!) What an insecure little BITCH.

6:50 PM  

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