Monday, June 27, 2005


My Grandpa died last week. So I thought this would be a good time to talk about my ideas on death. First of all my Grandpa's name was Linus Beck. I've never even heard of anyone else named Linus in my whole life. Except for peanuts. Peanuts and my Grandpa. Thats it. He died at the age of 96. Can you imagine being 96? He died peacefully of plain old age. He oly had a few moments of hysteria the last couple days. He would see dogs and things in his room that were not there. From what I hear, he would then ask you if you saw it and when you said no he would start laughing.

As a side note. My Grandpa was married for many many years to my grandma, Jessie. She died over ten years ago (see how I am skating around specifics). A few years after her deatch my Grandpa got him self an old girldfriend. Her name was Audrie and she has never shut up once since I have known her. But, my grandpa enjoyed her company and that is all that mattered. A few days before my grandpa died my Aunt Patty asked hime if he was ready to go be with grandma. My grandpa yelled out "NO" I want to go see Audrey. So I bet grandma kicked Linus right in the balls whenever they met up again.

I am under the impression that whatever happens after we die it is better than here. I am quite confident that my grandpa doesn't have to have help wiping his butt now that he is gone. Maybe he doesn't even have to be incovienienced by using his butt at all. As soon as I tell someone he has died, I get the same response. "I'm Sorry". I understand the need to mourn someones loss, especially if it is sudden. But, If you believe that after death is better than life then would you say "Sorry" If someone told you their grandpa just went to the Bahamas? I think this business about being freaked out over death and about death is way out of control. It is the ONLY thing in life guaranteed to happen and it is the SINGLE most feared thing on this planet. To be horribly upset when someone dies is only to be selfish. You are mourning the fact that you will not have their company anymore. Be happy for people when they die or at least do me the favor of being happy for me when I do. Cause I am haunting


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, no comments bout this particular post but I since it's the most recent it would be the one I'd write on. :P Oh and you sooo look preppy! Signed, Guess Who

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Anonymous Mrs. Bean said...

For me, it's not so much that I'm sorry for the deceased person, but that I'm sorry for the feeling of loss that the other (living) people go through. The feeling that there's nothing you can do is a helpless one and it can be hard to deal with. You can't help but feel a little selfish during this time. It's alright to have those feelings and it's alright not too, but at some point I think, depending on your relationship, it'll catch up with you.

7:41 AM  
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