Friday, April 18, 2008


The following is a true story… That happened this morning.

As you may remember from past blogs, I am really into dreams. If you live to be 75, you will spend about 25 years of your life asleep. Why not try to have as much fun with your dreams as possible? I have been working pretty hard on dream recall. I am to the point where I can remember at least 1 dream a night very vividly. Last night was no exception. Here is the dream:

I am in a small room that is supposed to be my bedroom, though it looks nothing like my bedroom. There are three sources of water in the room. A sink, a bathtub and some sort of fountain. There is also a window. I keep turning the water faucets off and closing the window. Shortly after I do something starts shaking everything in the room, turning all the faucets on, and opening the window. It is a ghost. I am half scared and half curious by what is going on. I go get a group of people to show them what is going on. We all go into the room to investigate and “reset” the water faucets and windows. The group of people and myself then shut the door to the room and stand outside the door. We can hear an awful commotion through the door. A creepy sensation crawls up my spine. And that is when I……


I wake up to the sound f everything on my nightstand rattling. I look over and everything is moving up and down. I then notice that everything in my room is moving as well. Including the bed. I am right dab in the middle of an exorcism taking place in my room. I have dreamt about the spirits and brought them to life in my room. I almost number 2ed myself. I jumped up and ran down the hallway to see if my roommate was off to work yet. He was gone. I then run outside the Devil house and onto the porch. That is when I notice that all of my neighbors are starting to come out as well. Then it hits me that this must have been an earthquake. Which indeed it was.
There was a magnitude 5.2 quake in southern Illinois that was felt pretty far away. I wonder what the damn odds where that I was dreaming about ghosts at the same time. Thanks again God!



Blogger ScubaSteve said...

i always seem to incorporate stuff that's going on into my dreams (alarm going off, music playing, trucks driving by, etc)

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Cow said...

whats a dream?

4:31 PM  
Blogger fooiemcgoo said...

wacky story.

we just thought our pooch was shaking the bed whilst scratching himself.

I didn't notice anything shaking after i woke up... it must have been stronger in NA compared to here.

please turn off this silly word verification.

7:19 PM  

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