Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mc. Donalds

This morning I stopped by Mc Donalds and bouht breakfast for people at work. This consisted of 8 Bacon Egg and chesse sandwiches. My order was not ready in the 30 seconds it took for me to get from the drive thru speaker to the window, so they asked me to pull up and wait. About a minute later this lady brought me out my food and said, "Sorry about your wait". I could not believe that she was apologizing to me when I had to wait literally one minute. I assume that she has learned to apologize because assholes have complained about the one minute wait time. I have come up for a solution for all you fat lazy fat asses that cannot wait one minute for 8 bacon egg and cheese sandwiches. As soon as you pull up t the window your food will be fired down your fat mouth using a potato gun that the drive through employee had to take special classes to learn how to operate. This way the food can be launched down your throat and deposit itself directly onto your fat ass.


Blogger tschy said...

awesome might also want to consider an option for folks that are really, really fat asses where they can drive up to a place sort of like a Sonic and get an IV of lard directly pumped into them..."I'll take 3 Big Macs, two of the big-ass fried, and a quart of McLard."

10:55 AM  
Anonymous baltimore said...

thanks for breakfast yo!

12:32 PM  
Blogger Bean said...

I shot an eggplant out of my potato gun. Not into anyones mouth, though.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Tara said...

this is quickly becoming my favorite blog.

1:25 PM  
Anonymous tim said...

i have a story to tell:
I was at panera bread the other day, and i was getting really impatient with these people in front of me. the basically wanted to hold a conversation with the 14 year old worker there about every item on the menu and what was in it, etc. even though discriptions are provided. anyway, to give you an idea of how much time they took up. i mentally noted that it probably took me as long to exit my truck, walk in the building, order, pay, get my food, leave the building and get back in my truck, as they wasted pondering the particulars of any given menu item. so. i was a little steamed. is this wrong? am i one of the fatasses of whom you speak?
and second of all, if i am going to leave all of these long diatribes every time you post somethign new then why don't i just get my own blog? DAMMIT!

7:23 PM  
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