Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Election

I just wanted to go over a few of my ideas on the recent election. I have learned a lot of interesting things and also have a few opinions to share.

I am getting pretty sick of some dumbass democrats acting as if they just won the world series. Now I say this being a liberal myself. I think that a lot of people who deserved to stay in their positions just lost because people did the only thing they thought they could do, which was make a change. I heard a lot of Senators saying that people would come up to the and say "I like what your doing in Washington, but I just can't vote for you again." The difference between the world series and an election is that if you win the world series you are done. If you win an election, you are playing your first game tomorrow. I come from an area that is very engulfed in sports. The fans of whoever wins the U of L vs U of K game comes into work the next day rubbing it in the others face. This is what is going on with the a lot of democrats. In your face Republicans! Give me a break. Democrats are setting theirselves up for failure. The bottom line is that the issues that our Houses of government are facing right now are some of the toughest that have EVER existed. It would be a tall order for anyone. The people who were doing a good job (such as Anne Northrup) should have been re-elected. I hope that the Democrats can live up to all their gloating over winning. If they can't...Rush Limbaugh might be so excited that his head will explode.

Now...This being said...People are behaving this way because our President is a dumbass. A week before the election Mr. Bush says that Rumsfeld will be our Defense Secretary until Bush is out of office. As soon as the Democrats win the House and the Senate he resigns?? Good to see that the USA's intelligence is as good as ever. If the admin. did know that the Democrats were going to win....then why the FUCK would Bush say that a week ago? Then again....asking why Bush says something is a common question nowadays. People were feeling that they were not being heard! They did the only thing they can do besides write a letter (which has always felt like a big waste of time to me). They blindly "made a mass change".

The one thing I liked about Geroge Bush is that he stood his ground no matter what. Everytime he spoke, about Iraq at least, he never waivered. I guess he had...ummm...Resolve, yeah thats it. I think the lesson to take from this is that if you don't pay attention to the will of the people, shit is going to hit the fan. I just don't know if this new shit is going to smell any better than the old shit. I really hope it does but time will tell.


Anonymous Baltimore said...

Well put Bleach...

9:29 AM  
Blogger tschy said...

Not to defend Bush, though I am a pretty hardcore conservative (side note: Bush is not really that much of a conservative), but there is a reasonable reason why he continued to support Rumsfeld the week prior. First, it is always critical that the President be 100% supportive of his staff. Had he shown once ounce of weakness, the media would pick up on it like starving sharks. Second, what was he supposed to say = "Well, I'm glad you asked. I had been thinking about replacing Rummy, and now that I think about it a little more, I think I will. Guess I have to figure out who is going to replace him." I think not. Third, would it not have been a really stupid thing to do with only days before the election - uh, the libs are right, Rummy has to go. Might as well start campaigning for the libs.

I think you are right about the libs reaction - which is likely confided to the hardcore Howard Dean arm of the party. In 2000, 2002, and 2004, the libs litigated, cried, moaned and whined for months....and they continued to do so until this past Tuesday. Many never acknowledged that they go was stolen from them. At least most of what I see is Republicans taking defeat graciously.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous cow da don said...

nice blog brad, im glad when we spoke it was all agreement for the most part its nice

1:46 PM  
Blogger fooiemcgoo said...

as a centrist I am happy to see some balance returned to the branches of government. I am don't see eye-to-eye with dems on alot of issues. particularly abortion and universal healthcare, but I think that the republican party has been too bold without some dems in power to check their authority.

I am extremely happy to see rumsfield go. I wrote a letter to lugar and bayh asking him to be let go a few months ago. My suspecions were confirmed when I read some articles from woodward's book. It was a pretty grim assessment of Rumsfield's preformance.

further, even though I will most likey vote for a republican in 08', I am discusted with GW Bush. I don't understand how even republicans can stand behind him.

I am sad to see the conditions in Iraq. I have always supported the idea of the war, but the way it was handled was incorrigable (read:rumsfield). If some key desicions were made differently, and I am not talking about hindsight is 20/20 desicions, Iraq could be (more) stable today.

I don't think the responsiblity is all on rum's sholders, but an disproportuate amount is.

finally, i think the dems should be happy. this is the first time they have had control of the house in 12 years. I can't defend anyone gloating though.... who is doing that? pundits and the like?

3:12 PM  
Anonymous cow da don said...

well tim its G-dubb 4 life, and it sounds like you dont know or talk to any soldiers cause i do they have been there and they say different

3:18 PM  
Anonymous baltimore said...

i have spoken to a couple of soldiers, one stationed 30 miles from the DMZ in south korea, and one that did two tours of iraq. neither one of them were entirely too pleased at the way the current admin is/was handling things. spending time at fort huachuca in arizona did nothing to instill any confidence in me that the morale of the soldiers was shooting skyward. when rummie was mentioned, anywhere, there were any number of remarks uttered under breaths. a change was needed, especially if we are to see this while thing through...

8:23 PM  
Blogger fooiemcgoo said...

I'll admit that I haven't talked to any soldiers in more than 2 years but, I don't see what that has to do with anythign that I said.

10:56 AM  
Blogger Bleach n Sheets said...

I also don't think it is G-Dubb for life...Unless that was snuck in the Patriot act Somewhere. I am pretty sure we vote in 08.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous cow da don said...

sorry you guys thought your votes count, dont you know that its all a big conspiracy that the repubs fix the elections anyway, and not only am i related to soldiers i am also friends with some who were in iraq, korea, and afghanistan and waiting to be deployed, they all tell me that the media is not reporting on 3/4ths of the shit they do there, i never hear on the news that the iraqies are cheering the soldiers in the streets, or how they tell the soldiers please dont leave cause if you do they will kill us, all i hear is about bad shit that happens not that they have rebuilt schools that women were not allowed to use witch now they are or about the hospitals that are now working that were not befor we even got there so to say that "i am sad to see the conditions in iraq" sounds like to me to be an uninformed statement, look if you wanna think that they are not constantly changing thier tactics to fit the changing situation then you are wrong, do i think rummy was perfect no, do i think that you can have a war with no mistakes come on, it is easy to armchair quarterback the situation when you only get 1 side of the story.

1:32 PM  
Blogger fooiemcgoo said...

Blaming the media for "not reporting the good stuff" is a red-haring and transparent spin. So I call bullshit on that. I realize that spin and bias exist, as you demonstrate somewhere in that train wreck of a diatribe, and that is just the reality of the way things are. but you have to get your information from somewhere. I do my best not to listen to radical advocates and pundits and try to sample several webpages (cnn), newspapers, and magazines (Newsweek and Time), which are not known for bias. Further, I never take anything at face value and wait until I have information before I form an opinion. Thus I feel like I don't get too caught up in bias and slant.

You think I am uninformed? Do you think you are informed because you have some kind of inside information because you know some soldiers. So what? there are more than 100,000 in iraq and reporters talk to them and then write articles about it. This is how reporting works. Reporters are also embedded in combat, the pentagon has press releases, need I go on? I don't need to talk to a soldier to know what is happening over there.

Also, I realize that there are good things too. there are also bad things. there are alot of bad things and less good things. if the reverse was true, then I think everyone would agree that everything is swell in Iraq. I think the consensus on Afghanistan is that we are doing good there. That is called a success.

As for the armchair quarterback comment. I also call bullshit on that. first of all, if you read my post, I addressed this. I said:

"If some key decisions were made differently, and I am not talking about hindsight is 20/20 decisions, Iraq could be (more) stable today."

I am not talking about micromanaging every step that was taken, I was talking about KEY decisions that should have been made before invading, and would have if we had a more competent administration. The kind of key decisions were invading troop levels, disbanding the Iraq army (without any plans for them), disenfranchising the Bathe party (without any plans for them), and generally not having any (good) plan for stabilizing Iraq. The general in charge of this was against disbanding the Iraq army and the bathe party and his ideas were killed DIRECTLY by rumsfield and the administration’s avoidance of dissent and critical thinking. The invasion was planned out for more than a year and took less than a week, and the stabilizing method of Iraq was thought up in 2 months leading up to the war. The only plan was "they will treat us like liberators". I realize that you can't predict the future and there is alot of unknowns, but Rumsfield et al. made many decisive errors because he was trying to restructure the pentagon and he squashed and bullied everyone's objections under him.

8:16 AM  
Anonymous cow da don said...

look Trey ,if you think tryin to insult me is gonna help you make your point your wrong, cnn and newsweek are both very lib and bias , i think talkin to soldiers is a lil bit more hands on than some reporter who never leaves his hotel and just re-reports other shit they have been feed,do you think you have a better view cause you read something or me who talks to people with thier boots in the sand not changed any to fit a headline, why is it we only hear about the bad, where are the stories about the shit i was talkin about the good shit doesnt sell mags for newsweek so Trey dont hear it,you can call bullshit all you want it doesnt change the fact that all you hear about iraq is bad news i think it is bullshit that you would belive that the only stragity would be hey fuck it we will be treated as liberators and rainbows will fly out our asses,do you think you hear everything they have planned if you did then that means so do the terrorist, my main point was you said quote " i am sad to see the conditions in iraq" you dont see any conditions that dont fit your gotta find stuff to blame agenda, and not find shit to cheer about if you look only for the bad you will find it,as for my trainwreck of diatribe, fuck you, this is a blog all i said was you were uninformed i would hardly call that abusive

10:14 AM  
Blogger Bleach n Sheets said...

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Blogger fooiemcgoo said...

dear "da don macdaddy/daddymac of pimping bitches and slammin' suckas",

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10:47 AM  
Anonymous cow da don said...

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Blogger Sassmouth said...

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