Friday, May 25, 2007

Area Hero Prevents Further Injury by Friends and Family

Here is a fantastic story that Bleach emailed me. We decided it should go on his blog. ~Foo

So. On my way home on Tuesday? Or was it Monday? The night we went to sportstime.

I was on that road that runs into a T with Spring St. I was getting ready to turn left to go back to Louisville. There is another street directly across spring street from that street. I look down there and see a lot of commotion. There is a truck parked in the middle of that street and I see a bunch of people running around and a whole bunch of yelling. It looks like someone is getting jumped.

I stay parked there for about 2 minutes watching it all and then I start think that someone might shoot a gun. Because people are diving back into the truck and whatnot. I decide that I am directly in the line of fire and could maybe get shot. So I decide to pull off. For some reason instead of turning left, I decide to go straight for the action.

So I head towards the fight. About six people jump into the truck and speed off. I see a couple of people crouched down by someone who is laying on the ground. I get out of the truck and walk towards the scene and see that it is a woman who couldn't be more than 22 laying there.
Everyone is freaking out and whatnot and I ask what the hell happened.
Her piece of shit boyfriend then tells me that all those guys were jumping him and they took a swing at him with a metal pipe. They missed and clocked this girl in the head. So I immediately have to get all these people off of this girl because they are moving her around and touching her head and whatnot. This girl was pretty jacked up. She keeps fading in and out of consciousness and goes from screaming to docile to passed out in the matter of seconds.

I keep yelling her name and telling her to stay awake and I am yelling at all these white trash idiots to call an ambulance. She keeps passing out on me and I keep having to scream at her to get her to open her eyes back up. All the while fighting off her mom and boyfriend who keep trying to move her. Then this 45 year old guy who looks like he was sleeping in the alley comes running toward me telling me to get out the way. He says "I am trained in CPR, I have been certified for 4 years now!". He then tries to get me out of the way and I basically have to push him back to explain that she doesn't need CPR because she is breathing and has a pulse. He keeps trying to give her CPR with me pushing him off of her until she snaps back into consciousness and starts screaming. Then he gets the picture. So, the cops show up and start taking statements and I left once I heard the ambulance getting pretty close. But, all in all it was a messed up trip home.

Later, when I told my wife this story, I decided Bleach was a hero. Not because he saved that girl's life, but because he prevented her from being hurt worse by her friends. ~Foo


Blogger Bean said...

Job well done, good samaritan.

11:58 AM  
Blogger Stef said...

wow, that's quite a story...good job.

1:59 PM  
Anonymous cow said...

nice work homie thank god you were there to stop the alley sleeper that dude was getting ready hurt that chick

5:29 PM  
Blogger Sassmouth said...

So we got "with the Lead Pipe in the Yard", but we don't know who. My bet is it wasn't Miss Scarlet.

Hopefully the cops figure it out because that's pretty messed up.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Bean said...

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3:53 PM  

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